Ask a Pilot… It’s not all Glamour

The life of a pilot is not as easy as it seems to be. It is a job of immense responsibility, risk, prestige, hardship, and dedication. When a pilot...


The life of a pilot is not as easy as it seems to be. It is a job of immense responsibility, risk, prestige, hardship, and dedication. When a pilot works for any airline then their entire life is dedicated to the airline company which means that they have to miss and are unable to attend all the family occasions, important events in order to complete their job. Pilots have to work a lot harder as they have the responsibility to carry unlimited souls safely to their destinations… There is no phrase like “Sunday is a Holiday” for them. Their life is much more systematic, disciplined and organized, full of continuous hard work. 

One such friend of mine who is a celebrity pilot from his country Kuwait is a captain of Kuwait Airlines. He is a well-renowned writer as he writes books on aviation, a passionate traveller who travels around the world and uploads his travelling and flying videos on social media. Additionally, he’s an entrepreneur of his brand “AVIATOR”, which includes accessories related to aviation. His interviews get broadcasted on many TV channels and are printed in newspapers. Let’s know from him, what is his secret of becoming a successful Pilot. 


Q.) How do you describe your pilot life? 

Capt. Feras – Pilot life by itself is a great way to spend the major part of your life by doing your job. It’s a life in which you spend most of your time in the sky, travelling within the clouds and to different countries. It is a life of hardship. 

Q.) Tell us something about your first flight, as a pilot? 

Capt. Feras – My first flight as a pilot was very interesting, the way you can control the aeroplane and how it flies it’s just magical.  

Q.) Do you think that social media has helped you in building your brand? 

Capt. Feras –  Definitely, I believe in today’s world no one… and I mean no one no matter how small or big you are you just won’t survive or exist without social media.  

 Q.) What do you love about your job? 

Capt. Feras – I love what I call the “me time” I’m away from the life’s hectic tasks and problems, far far away from it, even though today’s technology like you mentioned social media and fast communication will follow you everywhere you go, but still you will have those quiet priceless moments for yourself.  

Q.) What do you think about the future of commercial aircraft in the next 20 years? 

Capt. Feras – It will be faster and more efficient and result in busier skies.  

Q.) What makes pilots job unique? 

Capt. Feras– Do no other job gives you the opportunity to fly a 3 million plus dollars aeroplane! 

Q.) What‘s the biggest misconception people have about your job? 

Capt. Feras – They think it’s all fun and easy.  

 Q.) How did the idea come in your mind to launch product “The Aviator”? 

Capt. Feras – It started when I wanted some aviation accessories and they were hard to get and so limited, so I thought if I’m having a lot of trouble like that I’m sure others too are and what about people who are not pilots and can’t travel to get those things, then the idea evolved. 

Q.) You are a celebrity icon in the aviation industry, how you feel when your interviews are broadcasted on TV channels and newspapers? 

Capt. Feras – It’s an honour and I try to do my best to continue to add my humble experience and knowledge.  

Q.) What advice would you give to young people who are interested in becoming a pilot? 

Capt. Feras – Don’t be in it for the wrong reasons, they will not take you far.  


Thank you Captain Feras for giving me your interview. 

Wishing you all the very best for your future endeavours. 

You can follow Captain Feras on his Instagram A/c – capt_feras 

Article By – Rida Khan ( Instagram A/c- aviationauthor.ridakhan) 

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