• Glam

    Bollywood superstar Sridevi Kapoor, dies aged 54

    India is in mourning today, following the death of one of their most coveted showbiz entertainment goddesses. Sridevi Kapoor, who has starred in over three-hundred Bollywood films throughout her glittering career – which spanned a remarkable...
    2018-02-27 100 0
  • Health

    Parents urged to think pharmacist first for minor illness in their children

    · A major new public health campaign urges parents to consult a pharmacist first for minor illness, instead of GP or A&E · 18 million GP appointments and 2.1 million visits to A&E for self-treatable conditions cost...
    2018-02-27 91 0
  • Global News

    Saudi Arabia Allows Women to Start Businesses

    Women in Saudi Arabia will now be able to start businesses without the permission of a male guardian, in the latest in a line of recent social reforms launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. A...
    2018-02-20 457 0
  • Business


    Rоуаl dесrее turning state-owned оil giаnt intо joint ѕtосk company dispels doubts аbоut IPOSаudi Arabia hаѕ tаkеn a key ѕtер towards allowing futurе investors tо buу ѕhаrеѕ in itѕ nаtiоnаl оil company, as it рrераrеѕ fоr...
    2018-02-20 130 0
  • Global News

    Child murderer in Pakistan sentenced to death by courts

    An anti-terrorism court in Lahore was the scene of an eagerly awaited sentencing hearing both globally and regionally. Hundreds of residents protested after Zainab’s body was found, with two reported casualties when police fired warning shots...
    2018-02-20 148 0
  • Culture

    South African President Resigns

    South African President Jacob Zuma has resigned following intense pressure from his own political party. In a televised statement, Zuma said he was quitting with immediate effect but that he disagreed with the ruling ANC party’s decision about...
    2018-02-15 109 0
  • Global News

    Oxfam Sexual Misconduct Scandal

    UK charity Oxfam is under scrutiny in the wake of a scandal surrounding the sexual misconduct of aid workers based in Haiti following the 2011 earthquake, which killed roughly 200,000 people. The Charity Commission has opened...
    2018-02-15 116 0
  • Global News

    17 Dead in Florida School Shooting

    At least 17 people have been killed following one of America’s deadliest school shootings, committed by a 19-year-old male in Parkland, Florida. The attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School began at roughly 2.30pm on Wednesday...
    2018-02-15 100 0
  • Business


    Spotify, a digital music streaming service provider, has registered with the U.S. regulators privately for an initial public offering which is focusing on a direct listing in the first part of 2018 to enable some old...
    2018-02-05 266 0
  • Home

    Guru Gobind Singh 350th anniversary

    A major Sikh event was organised in Cardiff to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the birth of Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. Several dignitaries from Wales were in attendance of the 350th Pratash Utsav event at the...
    2018-02-05 158 0
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