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    Preparing your vehicle for winter driving

    Keeping your vehicle well maintained is important all year round, but doubly so in winter. For example, worn tyres won’t hold the road in wet conditions as well as those with a good, deep tread. Make...
    2015-10-07 1173 0
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    New BMW 3 Series 2015 facelift review

    We test the newly updated BMW 3 Series in 340i Sport guise. Has BMW moved the game on again? All engines are now turbocharged – from the new three-cylinder 318i and trusted 320d right through to...
    2015-10-07 2654 0
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    The Renault Twingo

    The third-generation Renault Twingo may have a familiar name and the same pert and fun-to-drive qualities of its predecessors, but links with the past stop there. In every other respect it’s all-new and radically different, introducing...
    2015-09-09 2168 0
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    Breaks for car sharers

    Think-tank Policy Exchange is calling for drivers who offer fellow commuters a lift to be given tax breaks. It claims doing so would encourage the growth of car-sharing, which in turn would lower the cost of...
    2015-09-09 2901 0
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    Aston Martin and RAF want more women

    Aston Martin has teamed up with the Royal Air Force, to attract the next generation of women into engineering roles in both organisations. A pioneering STEM Women in Engineering event took place at RAF Brize Norton...
    2015-09-09 1141 0
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    Minister demands free high street parking

    Motorists and high street economies alike would benefit from free parking in town centres, a Government minister has urged. Marcus Jones says there is mounting evidence that local outlets in areas with meter-free zones have started...
    2015-08-12 984 0
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    Motorway breakdown advice

    In the event of your vehicle developing a problem the Highway Code says to leave the motorway at the next exit or pull into a service area. If you cannot do so, you should pull on...
    2015-08-06 1573 0
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    Most advanced Ford F-150 Limited

    Ford, America’s truck leader, introduces its most advanced and luxurious truck ever – the Ford F-150 Limited. The new Limited expands the F-150 model lineup – Ford’s toughest, smartest, safest and most capable F-150 ever –...
    2015-08-06 1133 0
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    Diesel cheaper than petrol, finally

    Diesel is cheaper than petrol for the first time in 15 years, but the change is “too long in coming” according to the AA. Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and Asda have dropped the price of diesel by...
    2015-08-06 2172 0
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    High tech thieves stop vehicle locking

    Next time you come back to your car and find it unlocked it might not be because you forgot to lock it – a thief sitting nearby might have actually stopped you locking your car without...
    2015-07-09 1149 0
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