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    Oil and gas deal soars

    With record-level deal-making in the first quarter of 2018, 90% of oil and gas executives now expect the global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market to improve in the next 12 months, up from 43% in April 2017....
    2018-07-03 316 0
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    Setting up your business

    • You would need to do a self-inventory – As we all have our own ideas on what business we have in mind you’d need to be careful not to rush into it. You have to...
    2018-06-07 388 0
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    How to get a Bank Loan

    Nearly every business has to go to the bank for funding assistance at some point, so I thought it would be helpful to outline some of the key ways to help yourself in getting the bank...
    2018-06-07 397 0
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    We Tranxact Ltd

    My name is Rav Bains, and I am the Founder and Director of We Tranxact Ltd. We Tranxact Ltd is a Birmingham based payments consultancy and brokerage. We started trading back in June 2016 working from...
    2018-06-07 373 0
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    Purple Reign at UK Awards Gala

    The firm saw a number of their contractors take home rising star awards, an accolade managing director Leopold Johnson values highly. The entrepreneur brought along the entire company to the exclusive event to celebrate their success...
    2018-06-07 281 0
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    Roar Ambition: What we look for when attracting new talent

    The customer acquisition specialists are frequently on the lookout for the next wave of talented individuals to help take the business forward. In business, when building a team, there is nothing more important than hiring those...
    2018-06-07 268 0
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    The Royal British Legion the charitable partner of South Glos Expo

    Organisers of the second annual South Glos Expo have announced their charitable partner for the event will be the Royal British Legion in honour of D Day. Members of the Yate, Sodbury and District Branch of...
    2018-06-04 245 0
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    Interest Rates on Hold

    The Bank of England said the United Kingdom economy has hit a “short-lived soft spot” as the rate of interest prices was left on hold at 0.5%. The Bank reduced its development projection for the year...
    2018-05-31 459 0
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    Quincy Data

    Quincy Data, the industry-leading distributor of extremely low latency market data, delivered across the McKay Brothers’ microwave networks, was awarded “Best Low Latency Data/Technology Partner” at the 2018 Inside Market Data/Inside Reference Data Awards ceremony. Hosted by Inside...
    2018-05-24 326 0
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    Waitrose goes-green by eliminating usage of disposable cups

    Complimentary beverages are still available for customers in the supermarket, provided they bring their own reusable cups. On the right track to reaching the objective of cutting down on plastic and packaging rubbish, in hopes of...
    2018-05-02 319 0
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