45 per cent of people living in the West Midlands are stuck in a ‘boring or unrewarding’ job, according to a study released this week.  A poll of 2,000...

45 per cent of people living in the West Midlands are stuck in a ‘boring or unrewarding’ job, according to a study released this week. 

A poll of 2,000 employed adults found 31 per cent say their job is ‘utterly dull’, while a third even describe their work as ‘soul destroying’. 

Little over a quarter feel there is nothing left for them to learn or accomplish in their role, while 38 per cent think they’d have a more fulfilling job, if only they had better academic qualifications. 

Fifty-six per cent of those living in the West Midlands said they had no plans for progression in their current role. 

Samantha Rutter, CEO at distance learning provider Open Study College, who commissioned the research, said: “We spend a huge amount of time at work so it’s important to be doing something you enjoy and get some satisfaction from. 

“For some, picking up a steady paycheque is enough to keep them coming back year after year. 

“But after a while, even a regular income seems to struggle to keep people engaged and excited about work. 

“After all, you do hear about people with the most amazing and high-profile jobs getting disillusioned with their day-to-day lives. 

“Sometimes simply learning a new part of the role or doing some extra training can really help boost what you get back from your job, making it feel like less of a chore.” 

The study also found 46 per cent of disillusioned workers in the West Midlands admitted to simply clocking in for the daily grind but have nothing to excite them at work. 

Some of the top signs you’re stuck in an unrewarding job revealed in the survey include clockwatching as early as midday, and a general daily feeling of boredom.

Thirty-two per cent believe not caring if you’re late means you’re mentally checked-out from work, and two fifths think struggling to get out of bed in the morning is a sign you’re not getting much out of your job.

Another 17 per cent reckon that when you stop making an effort with your appearance, your career is in the doldrums. 

Thirty-one per cent also believe just staying in the job for the money is a key sign you’re in an unrewarding job. But over a third also believed they could earn more if they had additional qualifications.  

Other indicators you are unfulfilled at work include never having anything to say when people ask how your day was, hating the commute and going for early or long lunch breaks.  

Sadly, 52 per cent of those who have a dull job also believe it’s made them less interesting outside of work. 

It also emerged that on average, people in the West Midlands reckon they’re terminally bored with their working day at lunchtime – at 13.02 precisely. 

But while a third describe their current job as a ‘dead end’, 37 per cent of those confess to liking it that way, for reasons including ‘it’s steady’ and they ‘never get in trouble’. 

And one in five of the working population, polled via OnePoll, believe they’ll ‘never’ change jobs again. 

Just over a quarter think they’re unqualified for a more rewarding job, and 13 per cent simply confess to being too lazy to change career. 

Samantha added: “Our results found many people in the West Midlands believe getting a new qualification can lead to a more fulfilling career. 

“This is true, but there are also lots of other things you can try if you feel like you’re stagnating at your current role. 

“Employers like it when workers are actively looking to better themselves, it not only benefits the business but is also a great confidence builder for employees to progress.” 


  • You’re bored 
  • You start clockwatching by noon 
  • It’s hard to get out of bed in the mornings 
  • You’ve lost the passion 
  • You are just in the job for the money 
  • You call in sick… when you’re not sick 
  • You’re out the door the minute your workday ends 
  • You’re annoyed before you even get to work 
  • You don’t care if you’re late 
  • When people ask how your day at work was, you never have anything to say 
  • You become easily irritated 
  • You fantasise about having another – stress-free – job 
  • Your productivity levels are constantly decreasing 
  • You haven’t learnt any new skills at work in ages 
  • You become stressed easily 
  • You start to question your purpose within the business 
  • You begin to question whether you are in the right field / look at jobs in different industries instead of finding a similar one to your current job 
  • You’re constantly procrastinating 
  • You don’t like the people you work with 
  • You’ve signed up to job board alerts 
  • Your ideas are not being heard/ valued 
  • You have a bad work-life balance (finish work too late/often work overtime at home) 
  • You haven’t had a pay rise in ages/ ever  
  • You struggle to sleep worrying about work the next day 
  • The commute annoys you 
  • You stay up late because you don’t want it to be tomorrow 
  • You do life admin during work time 
  • You find yourself jealous of your friends’ jobs 
  • You moan about the boss 
  • You take full advantage of your hour lunch break 
  • Ungrateful clients/customers annoy you 
  • Colleagues get credit for doing loads of work when they don’t 
  • You don’t make effort with your appearance 
  • You don’t see your friends/family enough because you’re constantly tired 
  • You struggle to keep on top of work load 
  • You go for early/long lunches 
  • You do more work than your boss/bosses 
  • You’re constantly booking holidays 
  • You don’t feel comfortable asking for a payrise 
  • You get calls from the boss out of hours/at the weekend 
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