Chef Federico Fusca and His Passion For Italian Cuisine

Chef  Federico Fusca (Instagram A/c : federicofusca) is a 33 year old Italian chef who started his career at the age of 16 working in hotels and restaurants. He...

Chef  Federico Fusca (Instagram A/c : federicofusca) is a 33 year old Italian chef who started his career at the age of 16 working in hotels and restaurants. He was a normal cook but with a great desire to do and create something new in the profession of cooking he became a digital entrepreneur and within two years he was recognized as one of the best 10 food influencers for FORBES. He worked on television for the first Italian national network Rai 1 and became a regular guest in the program conducted by Antonella clerici, “ É Sempre Mezzogiorno ” . He also works for various Italian radios and other newspapers , in addition he is the brand ambassador of various companies and collaborates with the best Italian companies .

 Q.) You are a digital entrepreneur , how is it related to the profession of cooking ?

Chef  Federico : I started this job during lockdown. I collaborate with the companies and cook recipes in my kitchen or in the set.  Today as many companies are changing their way of marketing and selling products , digital work is one of their top choices to go with it. I create contents related to my cooking to influence people about the recipes and companies products digitally.

 Q.)  How did cooking as a profession come into your life ?

Chef  Federico : I started as a child, but surely the passion entered a little at a time, always taking inspiration from the great chefs I worked with.

 Q.) I have seen your dishes , it includes more spaghetti & noodles. Is it because you are Italian or there is some other reason ?

Chef  Federico : I like to do traditional and even experimental cuisine but here on social networks I definitely want to make things that people can propose so easy… Pasta is a topic that unites us all so I prefer it all here.

 Q.) According to you, how Italian cuisine is influencing other cuisines of the world?

Chef  Federico : Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world and is certainly imitated .. I am proud of my country.

 Q.) Which food ingredient you find is the most important to be used while cooking Italian food ?

Chef  Federico : In my opinion there is no real food that I prefer but today, for example, we need to be careful about seasonality by always buying what nature offers us. Like it is unthinkable to find strawberries in December so you must always maintain a certain sense of balance in seasonality.

 Q.) How do you feel becoming one of the best 10 food influencers for FORBES ?

Chef  Federico : I am the same person as before but certainly with much more ambitions. To receive an award like this is important above all because it gives you the desire to grow more and more.

 Q.) Many Italian recipes from centuries are created by ordinary people, that’s why they are suitable for home / daily cooking. What do you have to say about it ?

Chef  Federico : Italian cuisine and history, basically derives from an ancient and poor cuisine , recipes of the past were always with very few ingredients. Surely it is , and as I always say in the kitchen you don’t have to make masterpieces but you have to know how to use the raw material.

 Q.)  Archestratus was the first Italian food writer who said, “ Flavors should not be masked by spices & herbs or other seasoning .” Do you agree ?

Chef  Federico : Certainly the choice of the raw material influences a lot and the spices alter the flavors.

I come from a Tuscan cuisine where aromatic herbs for example are the order of the day. For me cooking is creativity and if one manages to balance everything well then it means that he is good.

I agree to a certain extent.

 Q.)  Any advice for the upcoming chefs ?

Chef  Federico : I advise everyone to believe in their dreams, to sacrifice themselves but above all not to give up in the face of difficulties.

By: Rida Khan  ( Aviation Author)

Instagram A/c : aviationauthor.ridakhan

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