KitSound Clash Headphones

By Usman Khan

The KitSound Clash Headphones are in my opinion the perfect alternative to the high priced Dr Dre headphones or the 50 cent ‘SMS’ headphones. They are styled in a two toned colour, one being on the external body of the product and the other colour being on the internal area. They are completed with a leather exterior not only on the headband area but also on the ear cuffs allowing you to enjoy your music. A lot of headphones of such size are quite bulky, heavy to wear and hard around the edge when you put them on and in doing so don’t give you the comfort you deserve.
However that is not the case with the KitSound clash headphones, they are tremendously light and comfortable, look very stylish and are far from bulky. They are fitted as a slim fit pair of headphones and the most important aspect, the sound, is also very good considering the price it is retailing for. In comparison with other leading products of such on the market at the moment I would put this right at the top because you are getting far more for what you are paying for. As opposed with other products that are selling for a more expensive price have just slightly better sound quality. But for the margin of the price difference I would most definitely buy these. Loudness is another aspect people tend to question when buying headphones or music related products and in regards to this I can’t say it is the loudest, but in my opinion it is loud enough.
Personally the most interesting aspect about this product is the cable. Using an IPhone myself I know of al the trouble and mayhem that is caused when the wire starts misbehaving, but that is almost impossible with this cable because it is protected by a fabric like coating that prevents the cable from being damaged. It also allows you to answer call with its in line microphone
The product comes in three different colours, Black/Green, Red/Black and White/Blue. Check out the website and get your product before they are all sold out


• Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

• Sensitivity: 110 dB/1 mW (S.P.L at 1 kHz)

• Drivers: 40 mm

• Impedance: 40 ohms

• Cable: 1 m

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