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    Windows 10 is here

    Microsoft Corp. announced that Windows 10 is now available as a free upgrade or with new PCs and tablets. Windows 10 includes innovations such as Cortana,an Xbox app and Microsoft Edge for a familiar, yet more...
    2015-08-06 1936 0
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    The next iPhone

    The next iPhone will look identical to the current one — but will fix one of its biggest problems. The phone will likely be known as the iPhone 6S, rather than the iPhone 7, and will...
    2015-08-06 2758 0
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    Review of Portable battery Kit Sound

    In the age of constant phone usage, which has resulted in a universal collage of “One percent battery face”, this compact but essential device screams one word to smart phone users: convenience. It is simple to...
    2015-04-09 2122 0
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    Swing Alarm Clock Radio review

    Fresh out of the of swinging sixties, I came across the Swing Alarm Clock FM Radio from Kitsound, after searching for a vintage style radio for quite some time. Having a tight budget, I found that...
    2015-03-11 2608 0
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    KitSound Clash Headphones

    The KitSound Clash Headphones are in my opinion the perfect alternative to the high priced Dr Dre headphones or the 50 cent ‘SMS’ headphones. They are styled in a two toned colour, one being on the...
    2014-11-13 2365 0
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    Smart meters could cause conflict for housemates, study shows

    Arguments about whose turn it is to do the washing up, negotiating rights to the TV remote control and disputes over noise — as many students returning to university for the new academic year are about...
    2014-09-23 1824 0
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    iPhone 5S AND iPhone 5C

    iPhone 5S is available in silver, gold and space grey, featuring an A7 chip, a Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor for unlocking your phone with just a thumb, ultra-fast wireless, an iSight camera with a larger 8MP...
    2013-09-12 1771 0
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    Do you want to gain more Twitter followers?

      Here are the dos and the don’ts in 140 words to help you gain more and new followers on Twitter. First of all, a tweet is composed of 140 characters, so be precise. Stay active...
    2013-08-07 2457 0
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    Classic Gaming

    When Sony was at its peak in the 90’s with the PlayStation launching in 1995 at £299, you would have thought that Sony were mad to go into an industry where Nintendo and SEGA were dominating...
    2013-08-05 2568 0
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